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Corvers-Kauter, Pinot Noir Rheingau 2016

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Rheingau Pinot Noir
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Vinous Reverie Notes
Importer: Corvers Kauter produces possibly the most "precise" wines that I have ever tasted.  Dr. Corvers apparently understands the complete potential of every parcel and then creates amazing expressiveness in all of his wines.  This is also quite a find as Dr. Corvers was originally was very polite in letting me know that "he has no wine" as each year's production is largely allocated to private clients. We then started talking about wine, however, and he decided to open some bottles.  Four hours later, I guess Dr. Corvers had enjoyed hearing about the focus of my importing activities and what I tasted was so impressive that he agreed to let me import 12 of his wines.
The overall philosophy is that nature is in perpetual motion and that their work in the vineyards and with their vines is also a perpetually changing process, differing from year to year according to what the conditions demand. The vineyards themselves are also extraordinary as the vineyards of the Rheingau rise up through the lower foothills of the Taunus Mountains along the Rhine River.  At almost exactly the 50° latitude mark, the Rhine changes to a east-to-west course for 15 miles.  In the east – from Hochheim to Rüdesheim – deep-reaching, fine sandy soils influence the characters of the wines.  In the west – from Rüdesheim to Lorch – meager soils, often with a high slate content, lend the wines their distinctive properties.  Riesling dominates almost everywhere and covers over 80% of the total vineyards in the Rheingau.  This position is challenged only in Assmanshausen, where Pinot Noir thrives on the small town’s steep slopes. Tasting Notes: Aromas of mocha, cocoa, and dark cherries and a hint of tarragon and mint evolve into flavors of cherries and dark plums along with a hint of cola. This has a perfectly balanced medium mouthfeel and complex tannins which add to the flavors. By the finish, however, you are struck by a deep rich mix of flavors that fully saturates your entire palate. Food Pairings: Include Filet Mignon, New York Steak, Rib Eye, beef stew, short ribs, beef dishes with noodles, lamb, duck, venison, pork chops, sausages, charcuterie, salmon, pasta with butter or oil and garlic, grilled vegetables, and hard cheeses.


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Pinot Noir

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