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Wine Tastings Schedule

We conducts thematic wine tastings every Saturday (1-4pm).

The theme changes every week. We will showcase specific grapes like Chardonnay, Riesling, Grenache, etc. Or wines from different countries like Spain, South Africa, Argentina, etc. Or wines from different wine regions like Tuscany, Rhone Valley, Loire, California, etc. At least once a month, we have a special guest pouring wines. This is a great but most of all fun way to learn about wine.

You can find out the exact tasting lineup every Friday on our social media (Facebook, Instagram) pages @VinousReverie. Or through our Newsletter

If you join any of our Wine Clubs at the tasting, your tasting fee will be waived and you can purchase any 1 wine from the tasting lineup for just $1.

Tasting ($15 per person)