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Chile suddenly burst onto the international scene in the 1980s. The world then discovered the charm and fruity roundness of its varietal wines, well adapted to the taste of the day. Chile, surprisingly preserved phylloxera, is a real wine paradise: the generous sunshine, the coolness of the Pacific and Andes, the water available permanently for irrigation allow the grapes to reach without difficulty an excellent maturity. Initially concentrated in the interior plains, viticulture has gained more varied terroirs with undeniable potential, on the two fringes of the country: the areas of Andean foothills to the east and the coastal vineyards to the west. The Central Valley, a hot region favorable to Bordeaux red grape varieties, remains the wine-producing heart of the country but new, cooler regions (Elqui, Casablanca) because located near the coast have been prospected for 10 years. A new focus on the terroir and a good match between soils and varietals have considerably broadened the Chilean offer: Cabernet Sauvignon, which is the origin of world-famous wines, excels, like the Carménère, recently rediscovered, but Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. the pinot now produce wines of a very beautiful aromatic intensity.