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Light-Bodied Wine Selection

There are some common characteristics you can come to expect when exploring a delicate and easy-drinking light-bodied wine. The wines available within this category are perfect if you are looking for a less filling wine that will still tantalize your tongue. Dry white wines are the most commonly sold light-bodied wines in the world. With their signature fruity flavors and refreshingly crisp finish, this wine genre pairs nicely with most foods. With fewer tannins, these wines are the perfect go-to for beginners and experienced wine lovers alike. From sweet Riesling to savory Sauvignon Blanc, explore our exciting selection of light-bodied wines for yourself! 

Light-Bodied Wine Tasting Profiles:

  • Fruit Forward
  • Delicate
  • Crisp
  • Bright
  • Subtle
  • Lively