Wine Clubs

The League of the Extraordinary Wine Drinkers is looking for new friends to enlist in any one of these unique clubs. As a member you’ll receive our carefully selected gems at your home or office, or you can pick up in-store. 

Calling all curious and open minded oenophiles! Let’s take a journey to interesting wine regions from around the world and discover exquisite wines that will blaze fresh trails on your sophisticated palate.

Allotments will be ready for pick-up / shipment starting 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Adventurous Wine Drinkers Club

Adventurous Wine Drinkers Club Most popular!

Discover our best values from all over the world. Select two white wines, two red wines or a mixed set.

2 Bottles, Ships Monthly 3 Month Gift Membership!

High Society Club

High Society Club! High Society!

Celebrate acclaimed artisan winegrowers whose achievements have been celebrated all over the world. Focusing on complex cellar-worthy wines.

2 Bottles, Ships Monthly 3 Month Gift Membership!

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