Wine Clubs

Join The League: Explore Unique Wines from Around the World

Behold! The League of Distinguished Wine Connoisseurs graciously extends its invitation to noble souls seeking to join our esteemed ranks. As a cherished member, you shall delight in procuring our meticulously curated treasures from our sanctum (or for a nominal fee, have these elixirs delivered to your regal abode or esteemed workplace).

Attention, esteemed aficionados of the grape! Embark with us on a voyage to the fabled vineyards of the world, where we shall uncover rare vintages that shall tantalize even the most discerning of palates.

Allotments will be ready for pick-up / shipment starting 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Behold the regal benefits:

    *Your inaugural Saturday tasting, upon joining our illustrious society, is bestowed upon you with our compliments. Furthermore, you may acquire any one wine from the tasting array for a mere $1.
    *All Saturday tastings for Members are priced at a mere $8 per esteemed individual ($15 for those not yet graced with membership).
    *Once per quarter, you are graciously invited to partake in a designated complimentary tasting.
    *All Club Wines are offered at a princely discount of 10% to our esteemed members.
    *Upon collection, you shall be granted a 10% discount on any additional regularly priced wines you may desire to procure.
    *The distribution of our wine club offerings, whether by collection or carriage, commences every second Tuesday of each noble month.
Join us, and revel in the splendor of our League, where every sip is a toast to royalty!

Adventurous Wine Drinkers Club

Embark on a journey to unveil the finest treasures spanning the globe. Choose between two esteemed white wines, two illustrious red wines, or indulge in a regal blend of both.


2 Bottles, Ships Monthly

3 Month Gift Membership!  

High Society Club

Celebrate acclaimed artisan winegrowers whose achievements have been celebrated all over the world. Focusing on complex cellar-worthy wines.


2 Bottles,Ships Monthly

3 Month Gift Membership! 

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