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Jean Claude Martin, Montmains Premier Cru Chablis 2019

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Montmains Premier Cru Chablis
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Vinous Reverie Notes
Like many wine-growing estates, the Jean-Claude Martin estate is first and foremost a family affair. Frederic and Claudia inherited it from their parents and took up the torch in 2018. Frederic works on the land. He looks after his vines and lavishes care on them. He picks grapes gorged with juice and passes them on to his sister Claudia. At work in the estate's wine storehouse, often together with her brother, she perpetuates the family know-how, adding a personal touch to it. The third person is their dad Jean-Claude. Still in love with the land and the vines he has passed on to his children, he is constantly in search of something new. Driven by an avant-gardist vision all his life, he aspires to make the estate an innovative winery in terms of growing and wine-making methods. If you had travelled around the Chablis area in the north of Burgundy 150 million years ago, you would have been surprised. Because at the time there were no vines there… or land! It was a warm shallow sea stretching as far as the eye can see. That Jurassic sea has left us with a valued heritage, the so-called “Kimmeridgian” sediments. These sediments formed the subsoil of the Chablis terroir. At times, between the rows of vines one finds the fossilized remains of this maritime past, a small oyster called “Exogyra Virgula”. Rich in clay and limestone, these terroirs give Chablis wine their mineralness, purity and delicacy. On this unique terroir, only one vine variety takes pride of place: Chardonnay. Tasting Notes: The deep yellow color shows beautiful golden reflections. On the nose, the empyreumatic aromas of grilled hazelnut mix with vanilla, coconut and fruity notes for a complex and melted result. In the mouth, the attack is already well structured then it gains in precision to become tracer with a very persistent finish and a beautiful complexity.


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