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Veneto is the most productive region of Italy. Its most prolific sector is Verona, with whites in the Soave appellation and reds in Valpolicella and Bardolino. That said, Veneto wines are not all destined for everyday consumption and are distinguished by very singular expressions, the most remarkable type being Amarone di Valpolicella. Amarone benefits from a very specific elaboration since made from partially dehydrated grapes on racks. Produced on the surface of Valpolicella and made from the same grape varieties, it is vinified in dry form, therefore without residual sugars, unlike the Recioto della Valpolicella, also from a vintage that has been dried. 

  • Monte di Toni Vineyard

    I Stefanini, Soave Monte de Toni 2014

    Vinous Reverie NotesThis wine comes from some of the oldest I Stefanini vineyards, ranging up to 70 years old, located in the hills around Monte Tenda Castalunga village. In this area the soil is a volcanic red, rich in iron oxides. Tasting...

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