Enjoying Wine At Home: 4 Things You Need To Do

If you love wine, chances are you drink more of it at home than at restaurants or wine tastings. And as any oenophile will tell you, the art of drinking and enjoying wine at home does not depend on the quality of the glasses or the size of the cellars. It is about how you do it.

Although wine is often considered to be a drink meant for special occasions, you don’t have to limit yourself to birthdays and anniversaries to enjoy a glass of Merlot. Think of it as a regular part of your meals.

When you drink wine regularly, it doesn’t just help you develop your taste and refine your palate, but also allows you to hone your critical abilities. But regular consumption doesn’t necessarily mean that you down a bottle in two days. It could be a glass with dinner, a few times a week.

If you, however, want to further improve your experience of drinking wine at home, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Store your wine in the best possible environment
  2. While you don’t need to cellar most modern-day wines, it doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from it. Proper wine storage is key if you want to avoid unsavory flavor characteristics or don’t want to mess up the aging process. The best environment for wine storage is one that does not have fluctuating air temperature, excess light, or a lack of humidity.

  3. Learn about the right serving temperature
  4. In addition to the storage temperature, the serving temperature can also have a considerable impact on what a wine tastes like. Although it is widely assumed that reds should be served at room temperature, quite often, that proves to be too hot. When wine becomes too warm, it loses its subtle qualities and the taste becomes overpowered by the heavier characteristics.

  5. Join a virtual wine tasting
  6. If you want to learn more about wines while enjoying them at home, join a virtual wine tasting. Wine tastings are a great way to learn all about the history of the wine, its region of origin, the notes you should expect, the types of grapes, and so much more. Some virtual wine tastings also involve fun games and activities.

  7. Get the right food and wine pairings
  8. When it comes to drinking wine, there are some winning food pairings that you cannot and should not ignore. Yes, your personal food preferences are equally important, but if you want to get the most out of your wine drinking sessions at home, bring out the right food pairings. For instance, red wines and red meats complement each other perfectly. Dessert wines, as the name suggests, should be paired with desserts.

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Dec 7th 2021

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