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Wine Clubs 2

Dear Vinous Reverie friends and patrons:

We are excited to announce our first wine club! Presenting… the Vinous Reverie League of Extraordinary Wine Drinkers!

Our extensive wine knowledge (geekdom) of different regions, varietals and celebrated producers will offer our club members access to a wide variety of truly exceptional wines at value prices. You might not like mass produced pinot grigio (we sure don’t), but have you tried alpine grown Pinot Grigio from Italy’s Alto-Adige region? The climate in Alto-Adige provides a lovely contrast between warm summers and cold winters for vineyards grafted on to the Dolomite foothills. You haven’t really tried Pinot Grigio if you haven’t sampled any from Alto-Adige. How about a highly distinctive grape called Mencia from the Bierzo region in Spain, which produces balanced, fruity red wines? There are also spectacular volcanic grown whites (Assyrtiko) from Santorini in Greece or reds (Aglianico) from Basilicata in Italy. By joining our wine club, you will have the pleasure of tasting these and many more extraordinary wines grown in various soils and ideal microclimates.

You might ask yourself a question: “Why should I join a wine store club if I am already a winery club member?” And the answer is simple: we are offering you a diversity that no winery can provide for a price only available to our members. Calling all curious and open minded oenophiles! Let’s start an adventurous journey of worldwide wine regions to discover new and exquisite wines that blaze fresh trails for your sophisticated palate.

What’s in the Club?

  • You will receive two bottles of fantastic value-priced wine every month, sagaciously selected by us. Your choice of two white wines, two red wines or a mixed set! ($30-$40)*
  • The price of the shipment will represent a value higher than the $30-$40 that you'll pay for this extraordinary two-bottle packages elsewhere. With our club, your dollar is going to go much further.

Vinous Reverie League of Extraordinary Wine Drinkers Member Benefits:

  • 10% off on all Wine Club Wines. Reminiscing about last month’s shipment? No problem, you can still get club member pricing.
  • 10% off on all additional wines purchased at the pickup of the monthly shipment. Need to grab some sparkling wine as a birthday party gift? Add any wine to your shipment pick up and score 10% off.
  • 20% off weekly wine tastings.
  • Quarterly Wine Club tasting free to club members!
  • Each monthly selection will also come with a comprehensive review of the wines, including background information on the wineries/regions as well as detailed tasting notes.

Are you not quite convinced? There is no reason to miss out on the great finds of our professional buyers. Each month, you as a member will automatically receive these gems at your home or office (an office address generally assures quicker & more efficient service). You also have the option to pick it up at our store. There is three months minimum membership, but you may cancel your membership at any time after the first three months. Join us on our spectacular wine club journey around the world as a Vinous Reverie League of Extraordinary Wine Drinkers Member.

*California sales tax not included. Shipping is available at extra cost to the following states: Alaska, California, District of Columbia, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon and Wyoming; no sales tax outside of CA.