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Wine Club (older)

The League of the Extraordinary Wine Drinkersis looking for new friends to enlist in any one of these unique clubs. As a member  you’ll receive our carefully selected gems at your home or office, or you can pick up in-store. In store pick ups receive a same day 10% discount applicable and unlimited to any other wines purchased at the time of club wine pick up. 

Calling all curious and open minded oenophiles! Let’s take a journey to interesting wine regions from around the world and discover exquisite wines that will blaze fresh trails on your sophisticated palate.

“Our wine clubs offer unique diversity into grape varietals, regions, and producers that no other East Bay Wine Merchant is providing and for a price available only for our members.” Vinous Reverie Owner statement.

Member Benefits:

10% off Wine Club Wines. Reminiscing about last month’s shipment? No problem, you can still get Club Member pricing.
10% off wines purchased at time of your Monthly Membership in-store pickup. Need to grab a sparkling wine as a birthday party gift, add any wine and receive 10% off.
20% off weekly wine tastings (for two)
Quarterly Wine Club Tastings - free to club members!


Wine Club Subscriptions: