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Groebe, Westhofener Kirchspiel Riesling Grosses Gewachs Rheinhessen 2020

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Rheinhessen Riesling Grosses Gewachs
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Jancis Robinson
"Th south-easterly vineyard is on the middle and upper slopes of a hillside. A chain of hills to the west and north of the location protects the vineyards from cold winds. Due to the gradient and exposition of the land, the vineyards enjoy optimum exposure to the sun. Vines are more than 60–65 years old on limestone over clay marl and also some weathered chalky clay. Aged in wooden casks.
Violets, bluebells, like a woodland glade shimmering with butterflies. This is spine-tingling: lacy, intricate, latticed gossamer. Crab apples and vineyard peach. Lime and yuzu and the cool-warm fragrance of lemongrass. Long. Hint of nuts in the finish. There is such massive complexity in this pearlescent, diaphanous tenuity of a wine that it's almost perplexing. Almost magical. Spell-binding. 18/20 points. (TC)"

Jancis Robinson
"Friedrich Groebe’s Kirchspiel flatters the nose with a fragrance of ripe yellow fruit, animating citrus fruit and just a hint of icing sugar. The flavour shows plenty of substance which, with its fruity content and elegant residual sweetness, soothes rather than challenges the taste buds. Minerality may not push for a central role but puts its very own stamp on the finish with a subtle smoky notion. 18/20 points. (MS)"

Vinous Reverie Notes
"Friedrich Groebe calls himself ‘wine artisan and traditionalist’ and says ‘I want my wines to have Riesling character and expression – no pears or passion fruit!’ His Weingut Groebe has 65% Riesling, mostly in the Grosses Gewächs vineyards, Westhofener Morstein, Aulerde and Kirchspiel." ~ Decanter
This small winery has been quietly making quality wines in Westhofen since 1763. Like its two more famous neighbors, Keller and Wittmann, Groebe is a member of the prestigious VDP. Like their maker, the wines are initially a bit shy, but gradually carry on a long and memorable conversation. No fertilizer is used and natural vegetation is allowed to grow between the vines. Natural yeasts, large used oak casks and long fermentation do the work in the cellar. Groebe GGs (Grosses Gewachs) rank among the top dry wines of Germany, combining elegance and power and maturing magnificently.


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